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This image came to mind when I overheard some rowers talking about sprint season. One rower was complaining about rowers who can not stay in their lanes and then another shared a story about a race where they were so far ahead, they stopped looking over their shoulder. The rower collided head on with a BEMA Buoy, bounced backward and the oar became entangled with the cord and chain and the rower frantically became disentangled as the rowers who were once in the distance were now dead even with them. Mortified, the rower took a deep breath, resumed their composure, and rowed to the finish line a bow ball ahead of the other boats.


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F. Scott Fitzgerald, from ‘The Great Gatsby”

“So we beat on, boats against the current,bourne back ceaselesly into the past. This quote is referenced on The Rowing Store Logo Poster, Magnet, and Luggage tag.

The above quote was recommended by Miami rower and attorney, Joseph Fleming, Greenberg Traurig LLP. He also shared with more hindsight than foresight  a quote modified from a version he wrote in the Law Journal

“My avocation and vocation,


As I glided and was guided, forward-

by looking backwards-


with more hindsight than foresight,

for steering my

partner ship”

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Cyril E. Power’s linocut print of a rowing eight undershooting under Hammersmith  Bridge is his most famous. Power was a great fan of the Head of the River Race and the  print was made following the 1930 event.

Power (1872-1951) was a dynamic avant-garde printmaker and a leading member of the  Grosvenor School of Modern Art in London in the 1920s and 1930s under the leadership  of Claude Flight. Flight’s Grosvenor School artists were responsible for the remarkable  rise of the colour linocut print during this period. Power designed a series of posters for  the London Underground with Sybil Andrews, under the name of Andrew Power.

The Rowing Store offered a handmade 100% Silk Tie produced by Cedric Brochier Soieries with a detail of this design. The tie was produced for a special exhibit at MFA Boston. Fortunately, o r unfortunately for those of you who still want one, we have sold out of this item. We will offer a tie each season featuring a detail from a famous piece of art or a contemporary graphic design.

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We invite our customers, employees, and friends to submit anything about rowing. We would love hear your rowing stories, thoughts, reflections, great places to row, why you row, how you battle the mental demons while training!

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