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IMG_3854…and now you’ve got it! We have added the popular fanned oar design to the lineup with our # 1 selling glass pendant!



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The procession of man powered or oared boats begins at the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant.

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The Thames Diamond  Jubilee Pageant occurred today and was quite a spectacle with over 1,00 boats parading down the Thames to to pay tribute to Her Majesty The Queen’s 60-year reign . In case you missed it, we will post a few shots that we took while watching BBC America. Rowed, or man powered boats as they were called in the broadcast of all sizes and shapes worked their way along roughly 14 miles of the Thames. My only wish is that the broadcasters would have shared the names of the vintage boats as they rowed by! Do check out the website if you have a moment.  http://www2.thamesdiamondjubileepageant.org/


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This image came to mind when I overheard some rowers talking about sprint season. One rower was complaining about rowers who can not stay in their lanes and then another shared a story about a race where they were so far ahead, they stopped looking over their shoulder. The rower collided head on with a BEMA Buoy, bounced backward and the oar became entangled with the cord and chain and the rower frantically became disentangled as the rowers who were once in the distance were now dead even with them. Mortified, the rower took a deep breath, resumed their composure, and rowed to the finish line a bow ball ahead of the other boats.

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A vintage rowing ephemera collection started in the 70’s by a collegiate rower who has continued to row as a master, inspired the concept of The Rowing Store. Many of the images have been used in products. We thought we would share an image a week with as much history as we have about the image. If any of our readers have more information to share or simply want to comment, we welcome your input. With Easter week passing, we thought it appropriate to begin with an Easter image.  The left side is printed with  “German American Novelty Art Series No. 1220 4 Des., Printed in Germany”and was mailed in 1912.

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You can’t show up late for a race you are racing…but you can for major races that are televised and covered on the web! The boat race is tomorrow…if you can’t be in front of your computer or the TV at the actual time of the race..you can record it and watch it later!

on BBC One TV


you can also check out their website…


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Tis the Season! If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for a hostess this year…consider one of our gorgeous Christmas Ornaments!  Check out our Holiday page on the website! http://store.therowingstore.com/holiday.aspx

3-D Ornament

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